Mike Ward Counselling & Psychotherapy

Is there a difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Often, clients will attend counselling because they need a solution to a specific problem that is affecting their lives. This could be relationship issues or a situation of ongoing stress. In counselling, we look for answers and solutions to these dilemmas. Counselling is often more short term work. In psychotherapy, we look at the issues that lie beneath the problem or dilemma that brought you to therapy. This could mean examining the reasons why we might repeat certain behaviours which may cause us problems, or how our past experiences may underpin our current stresses. This is often a more long term process.

Is there a standard duration time for therapy?

There is no standard standard amount of time to be in therapy. The timeframe depends on the nature and the complexity of the problem which has brought you to therapy. Ultimately, the amount of time you spend in therapy is determined by you, as you are the best judge of how you feel and of how our work together has been of benefit to you.

How long does a session last?

Each of our sessions lasts one hour.

How often do I need to attend therapy?

We will meet once weekly. This regular contact between us ensures that our sessions will take place in an atmosphere of mutual trust. In addition, this amount of contact preserves the sense of continuity, which will ensure that our work together will achieve a greater and a happier outcome for you.