Mike Ward Counselling & Psychotherapy

Mike Ward provides counselling & psychotherapy in Galway city

“Why would I need to attend counselling or psychotherapy?”

The decision to come to therapy is by no means an easy choice. It can take great effort to summon up the courage to speak about deep and personal issues which are affecting our lives and of course, making change in our lives can be a difficult task. Therapy can offer a helping hand along the way, it may help us to achieve personal growth, it may aid us to achieve a sense of stability and an outcome of good mental health.

Perhaps you have been suffering mental anguish and no longer feel that you can cope with your life situation. You may feel that you are immobilised by anxiety or that you are affected by sudden bouts of unexplained anger. Have you been affected by depression or have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Do you feel unhappy or stuck in a marriage/relationship and feel that you are unable to resolve your relationship difficulties? Or are you simply stuck in a rut in some area of your life and need some help in moving on?

In our therapy sessions, I will work with you to explore issues, past or present, which are emotionally difficult and which are affecting the quality of your life. Together we will explore ways in which you will be able to lead a fuller and a happier life.

Families and friends can be great resources but sometimes we need an objective view of our situation to help us see, more clearly, our way forward.